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Customized treatment  without delay provided by a leading pioneer in Cologne

CDT-WEST warmly welcomes patients from all over the world in Germany. Located in Cologne, the biggest city of NRW, our Center has established a world-class reputation for its expertise and quality of care. We are prepared to offer the opportunity to access our help and high-class care for the international patients and their families. Built in 2017, the facility is specialized in providing innovative methods in diagnosis and radiation treatment of cancer. The senior specialist (Dr. med. Jamil Katiran) possesses solid experience in the implementation of modern technologies and techniques. Leading a highly-skilled radiation therapy team consisting of radiation oncologists and therapists, medical physicists and dosimetrists, he designs treatment plans that attack the disease and heal the patient resulting in a full patient-centered approach to care.

Quick and personalized radiotherapy treatment from a pioneer Center of Diagnostic and Therapy offers radiotherapy without delay, being a significant factor influencing treatment effectivity. We use the most advanced radiotherapy technologies (IMRT, VMAT, breath-hold techniques, CBCT, SGRT and stereotactic RT). Our specialized knowledge together with cutting-edge radiotherapy equipment, allows us to minimize the adverse effects of treatment. We take plenty of time for discussion and answering our patients’ questions and plan all treatments according to the individual hopes and needs of our patients. After the initial consultation with the radiation oncologist, an individual treatment plan is drawn up including dosimetry, treatment schedule and weekly assessments for each case, based on the total radiation dose which is delivered in fractions over a specific number of days. Our specialists and coordinators make sure that each patient’s treatment advances flexibly according to plan and that the patient and his or her family understand how the treatment will proceed. We are proud of our leading position in radiation therapy in Cologne, Germany, and we sturdily underline our commitment to deliver quality medical services. We are guided by the principle of providing innovative medical and administrative services allowing us to respect and satisfy the requirements and expectations of our patients and their families, due to a high level of personal care and attention.

At CDT-WEST we established a dedicated competent international patient desk to supply the patients for all their concerns and medical needs in a one stop service. Our international client manager M. Shafir and A. Zinnmann will gladly help you to arrange everything you might need for your visit to our Center and will be happy to answer all your questions and provide you with the substantial information. If needed we are able to offer a special service for our patients requiring enhanced privacy. It comprises special arrangements for arrivals at the Center, security arrangements, and organising examinations and treatments anonymously, among other things. our international client manager Alexandra Zinnmann will be gladly available to our international patients at tel + 491732034066


Why come to the Center for Diagnostic and Therapy (CDT-West) in Cologne?

• Personalized treatment for each patient

• No waiting - effective treatments without delay

• No hospitalization - great benefit for the quality of patient life

• Individual care - we always place the patient as top priority

• Latest medical technology combined with proven expertise in cancer care

• Experience in treating international patients: patients from over 20 countries, multilingual staff

• Painless treatment  

CDT - West Center for Diagnostic and Therapy
Dr. med. Jamil Katiran Chair of Radiation Oncology
CDT West Graseggerstr. 105h 50737 Köln T (+49) 221 888 289 70

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