CT angiography (CTA) is a radiological diagnostic procedure used to examine blood vessels. It is based on computed tomography.

CT angiography allows doctors obtaining target images of blood vessels in different parts of the body. This includes, first of all:

  • heart;
  • rib cage;
  • pelvis;
  • abdomen;
  • brain;
  • limbs (arms, legs).

CT angiography can be used to diagnose various diseases and disorders of the arteries and veins. First of all, this includes:

  • changes or abnormalities of blood vessels, such as angiomas (hemangiomas);
  • narrowing or occlusion of vessels;
  • protrusions on blood vessels (aneurysms) in the aorta (main artery) or in the head region;
  • narrowing of arteries of extremities due to obliterating arterial disease;
  • stenosis of the renal arteries (narrowing of the renal arteries);
  • thrombosis of veins of upper and lower extremities, vessels of the abdominal cavity and brain;
  • suspected angina (coronary insufficiency) or heart pain caused by coronary heart disease (CHD);
  • pulmonary embolism;
  • visualization of the collateral circulation.

CT angiography is particularly well suited for patients with a pacemaker, since MRI is not suitable for such patients. In addition, this procedure is suitable for very troubled patients, for whom the duration of magnetic resonance imaging is not optimal.

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