CT-Controlled pain therapy

Back pain is the most common reason for addressing the doctor. Complaints primarily relate to facet joints dysfunction, an incorrect distribution of load, or an increased load, and can lead to the emergence of signs of spine wear with arthrosis and/or herniation of the intervertebral discs with the onset of inflammatory processes, resulting in constant pain and limited mobility. The sites of nerve roots exit in the cervical and lumbar spine can be significantly narrowed due to protrusions of intervertebral discs, herniated discs or bone changes and can cause swelling of nerve fibers.

With the help of CT-based pain therapy, it is possible to perform targeted and effective treatment of back pain, which is an alternative to surgical intervention. First of all, it is necessary to determine what usual therapeutic measures can be performed in this case – medical pain therapy, physiotherapy, acupuncture and psychotherapy, and discuss their conduct with the patient.

If the possibility of periradicular therapy is being considered, the patient may undergo epidural or periradicular pain therapy. The next area of CT-based pain therapy application is the treatment of the so-called sacroiliac joint syndrome. Reducing the intensity of pain arising in this joint can also contribute to infiltration therapy of the sacroiliac joint. With pain caused by arthrosis of the facet joints, you can consider the possibility of infiltration of the facet joints.

The advantages of infiltration of joints based on CT provide for a low risk level, invasive technique of the procedure, and also, basically, a painless method of injections. In the pain point within spine region, a high concentration of active components is achieved, while providing a high degree of safety, allowing to avoid damage to nerves and vessels. The duration of the entire procedure is about 10 minutes.

Despite great care and minimally invasive nature, CT-based pain therapy may caused side effects, although these are extremely rare.


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