Details of the course of radiation therapy

Read the following pages on how the radiation therapy is carried out, and what support your doctor will provide to you.

We treat our patients both in outpatient and inpatient settings.

The treatment chosen will depend on your health status and treatment concept (e.g., concomitant chemotherapy).

In addition to the optimal method of irradiation, which makes any treatment much safer and easily tolerable, we will pay great attention to the care of you and your care during the entire treatment.

It is not an equipment that plays a key role in all our therapeutic activities, but by a person whom we always treat with respect. It is very important for us to create an atmosphere of openness, trust and tolerance.

Our Centers


  Graseggerstraße 105H, 50737 Köln

  Phone: 49 212 547 69 13



  Mittelstraße 11, 48653 Coesfeld

  Phone: 49 212 547 69 13



  Krankenhausstraße 4a, 50226 Frechen

  Phone: 49 212 547 69 13

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