The first procedure of radiation therapy

The first adjustment of technical means is always carried out by a physician together with a medical technical assistant in radiology and a specialist in the field of medical physics. At the same time, with the help of the latest technology, he checks whether the irradiation fields meet the specifications given earlier. For this, graphic radiation therapy is performed. For special treatment methods, our linear accelerators are equipped with computer tomographs, which allow for highly accurate control of the patient's position even before irradiation begins. This ensures continuous maximum accuracy of the procedure and, therefore, your safety.

During the session, you will lie in a large room on the treatment table. The source of radiation will be at a distance of one meter from you and move around you at the same distance. We will observe the whole process of treatment, and you can contact us at any time via a video communication device and an intercom. You just need to lie still.

Please note that the first radiotherapy session will last approximately 30 minutes. In this case, the duration of the irradiation will be only a few minutes. You will not see, you will not hear the ray, nor will you smell it.

As a rule, radiation therapy sessions are held five times a week (from Monday to Friday). The number of sessions depends on the appropriate treatment concept. You will be assigned a session time for the whole week so that you can better plan your time. Please discuss your individual wishes for treatment with our specialists who work with the device for radiation therapy.

If for some reason you cannot go through the treatment at a specified time, we ask you to inform us in a timely manner about this. We will try to transfer your session to another time convenient for you. If possible, interruptions in treatment should be avoided.

At regular intervals, at least once a week, our doctors will discuss with you the possible side effects of therapy. If you need to consult a specialist supervising you, ask the personnel working on the radiotherapy device to arrange a meeting with you. You can talk with your specialist in the shortest possible time.

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