Health management



We offer our patients consultations with qualified doctors, as well as assistance in medical and organizational matters at the highest level.

Individual detailed preventive physical examination, obtaining a second opinion or choosing alternative methods of treatment –we will answer all questions that interest you during detailed consultation.

The latest diagnostic methods, university level medical equipment and close interdisciplinary cooperation guarantee you the best medical treatment.

Due to establishing of precise diagnoses, we can address a variety of diagnostic issues in a complex and efficient manner.

Due to cooperation of our center specialists with specialists from other fields of medicine, we can offer you a wide range of the most modern methods of treatment by well-known professors, recognized chief physicians and highly specialized experts in the field of medicine.

In doing so, we faithfully and with full responsibility provide our patients with comprehensive consultation.

Our dedicated employees take care of your health, your well-being, and, if necessary, your stay in Cologne.

Our Centers


  Graseggerstraße 105H, 50737 Köln

  Phone: 49 212 547 69 13



  Mittelstraße 11, 48653 Coesfeld

  Phone: 49 212 547 69 13



  Krankenhausstraße 4a, 50226 Frechen

  Phone: 49 212 547 69 13

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