Defecography is a functional study that can detect the pathology of rectum and adjacent organs with weak pelvic floor. While examination the rectum is filled with a gel (usually a transparent gel for ultrasound) through the anus. Special preparation for the type of bowel cleansing, as a rule, is not required. Contrasting of vagina or bladder in this study is not required, since these organs are visualized in MRI just like the pelvic floor muscles themselves. During examination, the patient, at the doctor's request, should ensure that the gel leaves the intestine in order to detect possible dysfunctions or abnormal changes in the pelvic floor.

Defectography is a very suitable method for diagnosing diseases of the rectum, bladder and female genital organs caused by pelvic floor descent. In rectum region it is possible to detect and obtain images of pathological changes such as rectocele, internal invagination (invagination and prolapse), as well as other impairments, such as the cause of incontinence or impaired interaction of pelvic floor muscles (discoordination). You can also determine the severity of changes detected.

In the field of female genital organs, it is possible to diagnose pathological changes such as omission or prolapse of the uterus. Similarly, in the course of the study, bladder dilation and associated complaints accompanied by imperative and stress urinary incontinence can be detected.

In addition, it is possible to detect changes in the entire abdominal cavity, for example, internal prolapse of the intestines (enterocele).

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