Measurement of bone density (CT-osteodensitometry) is recommended in the following cases:

  • women in postmenopausal with an increased risk of osteoporosis;
  • to monitor the dynamics of osteoporosis and/or therapy control;
  • significant symptom of osteoporosis, such as bone pain;
  • in case of severe complaints in men with an increased risk of osteoporosis: for example, with alcohol or nicotine abuse;
  • estrogen deficiency;
  • when taking cortisone;
  • with primary hyperparathyroidism;
  • fractures without adequate trauma;
  • suspicion for osteomalacia;
  • decrease in bone density due to inadequate digestion of minerals by bones.

CT-osteodensitometry is a purposeful measurement of bone density (i.e. the content of mineral salts in them), which is the most sensitive method of early diagnosis and monitoring of the osteoporosis dynamics. The advantages of CT-osteodensitometry, as compared to the conventional bone density measurement (DEXA), include overlay-free bone imaging and a separate measurement of the cortical layer parameters and cortical and spongy bone material. For this purpose, three-layer images of the bodies of the three upper lumbar vertebrae are obtained. After this, in accordance with a strictly standardized procedure, the images are evaluated and the calcium content in the bone is determined taking into account the age and sex of the patient. Thus, this study allows early detecting of abnormalities and monitoring the successful outcome of the treatment through repeated studies in dynamics.

The examination lasts 5-10 minutes and is absolutely painless. In addition, due to the acquisition of images of individual layers, the radiation dose for this study is extremely low.

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