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Radiation therapy, along with surgical and medicinal treatment, is a universally recognized method of oncological diseases treatment; however, along with this, it occupies an important place among treatment methods of degenerative and inflammatory joint diseases. 

In our center we offer highly conformal radiation therapy of malignant tumors in various regions of the body:

urological tumors (prostate carcinoma, bladder carcinoma, renal cell carcinoma, seminoma);

tumors of the respiratory organs (bronchial and tracheal carcinoma, metastases in the lungs);

tumors of the digestive tract (carcinoma of the rectum, anus, esophagus and pancreas);

carcinoma of the breast and tumors of the female reproductive system (carcinoma of the breast, cervix and endometrium);

tumors of the head and neck (tumors of the larynx, pharynx, salivary glands);

tumors of the nervous system and cerebral membranes (brain tumors, acoustic neurinomas, meningiomas);

metastases in all parts of the body (metastases to the lymph nodes, liver, lungs, bones and brain);

Radiation therapy in emergency conditions of cancer patients.


We perform anti-inflammatory radiation therapy for the following benign diseases to reduce pain symptoms:

heel spur/plantar fasciitis;


inflammatory-degenerative diseases of the joints (arthrosis of the elbow, shoulder, knee, hip joint, hands and fingers);

polyarthrosis of hands;

Gerberden's arthrosis and Buschar's arthrosis;


humerus periarthritis, impeachment syndrome, adhesive capsulitis;

tendonitis, bursitis and synovitis in different parts of the body.

Antiproliferative radiation therapy of benign diseases is one of our center’s specializations:

nynecomastia (prevention or reduction of symptoms);

Dupuytren's disease;

Ledderhose disease;

endocrine orbitopathy;

prevention of ossification when placing joint implants.

Our Centers


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  Mittelstraße 11, 48653 Coesfeld

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  Phone: 49 212 547 69 13

  Email: info@cdt-west.ru
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