Surface Guided Radiation Therapy (SGRT)

To monitor the breathing cycle, our Center uses modern technology, known as Surface Guided Radiation Therapy (SGRT).

Already in the course of computed tomography, conducted for the preparation of a radiotherapy plan, after the training phase, during which you are asked to take a deep breath (about 15-25 seconds), the specialist will fix and monitor your respiratory movement with the help of an infrared ray, reflector and camera Vision-RT). These aids ensure that when drawing up a therapy plan based on CT, and also during the irradiation, the depth of inspiration will remain unchanged.

During irradiation using three-dimensional stereocameras, the skin surface will be scanned and results compared to the perfect body position determined in the course of CT performed for the purpose of drawing up a radiotherapy plan. Then, the data on the respiratory excursion through the interface are transferred to the control unit of the irradiator, and the most optimal moment for irradiation is determined. After reaching the optimal position of breathing, the patient is instructed to hold her breath for a short time. Only at this moment irradiation of the mammary gland begins.

During this period of time, the heart is removed from the irradiation region at a considerable distance, so that the areas of the heart and lungs that fall under the influence of radiation become much smaller.

Summary of benefits:

an innovative method – technology based on video to scan the skin surface, there is no ionizing radiation;

non-invasive method – patient does not need to apply special labeling and perform surgical procedures;

high accuracy – irradiation is carried out to within a millimeter.


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