Technical Equipment

Our Center is equipped with the most modern equipment, including:

four linear accelerators Elekta (two of them in the version of Versa HD). The devices use the latest methods of radiation therapy, such as IMRT (Intensity-Modulated Radiotherapy) and VMAT (volumetric modulated arc therapy). Multileaf collimators (MLC) allow to optimally adapt the irradiation fields to the tumor region.

Integrated visualization systems (ConeBeam-KT and Vision-RT) provide for Image-guided radiation therapy (IGRT).


Versa HD Animation


To address specific clinical problems, for example, in stereotaxic treatment of lung tumors or metastases in the brain, our Center is equipped with special equipment that allows performing radiation therapy and radiosurgical manipulations with the greatest possible accuracy (accurate to a millimeter). HexaPOD irradiation table with 6 degrees of freedom makes it possible to correct the position of the patient's body (movement, rotation). The patient positioning system ExacTrac from Brainlab is another feature of our Center. This integrated X-ray monitoring system allows determining the movement of tumor within the treatment fraction, regardless of the angle of the couch or the gantry system.


Our three computer tomographs (Toshiba, Siemens) are used to make a treatment plan. For radiotherapy, the devices are specifically equipped with a 3D laser system for imitating simulation.


How the linear accelerator works

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