Our medical technical assistants in radiology (MTRA) have all the necessary skills for conducting routine CT and daily radiotherapy sessions.

After consulting the doctor during the first treatment session, the medical technical assistants in radiology will provide you with all the necessary explanations regarding the course of treatment and in the future will always be ready to answer the questions that you may have.

The main tasks of our medical radiology technical assistants (MTRA) include: daily morning check of the proper equipment functioning, exact placement of patients and regular control scans, additional marking of the radiation fields and maintaining the patient's proper position, and computer monitoring of radiation parameters.

Our Centers


  Graseggerstraße 105H, 50737 Köln

  Phone: 49 212 547 69 13



  Mittelstraße 11, 48653 Coesfeld

  Phone: 49 212 547 69 13



  Krankenhausstraße 4a, 50226 Frechen

  Phone: 49 212 547 69 13

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